Our research investigates the underlying genetic and environmental determinants of human disease, with a focus on processes associated with aging, cancer, chronic diseases, and infectious agents.

Working with genomic data and through the development of computational tools and models, the laboratory addresses questions relevant to how genetics and the environment influence the frequency and severity of diseases in human populations on a global scale. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology influences and furthers genetic research. Our work falls at the intersection of bioinformatics, genetics and big data. We recruit varied skillsets and subject matter expertise to develop innovative and successful ways to solve and understand disease development in Canada and globally. In this way, we are able to use genomic data, along with modern statistical and machine learning tools, to map and annotate genomic regions associated with disease pathology and virulence, as well as study the mechanisms that cause the mutations.

Research Themes

Research Icon Precision Medicine and Personalized Genomics We use population genetics to understand individual health trajectories in Canadian and global populations. We use the individual to understand how populations evolve.
Research Icon Cancer, aging, chronic diseases and infectious agents We interrogate the genomes of populations and clinical cohorts to determine the genetic and environmental contributions to many types of human diseases: genetic, immunological, infectious, chronic and cancer.
Research Icon Pre-diagnostic Surveillance We develop tools and biomarkers that can identify disease before classic diagnosis. We are interested in capturing signatures of disease that present in the pre-diagnostic stage.

project-iconOngoing Research Projects

Next-generation genomics and development of parametric and non-parametric population models/tools to study the role of the genome in cancer and disease.
Genomic and Gene Regulation studies to capture and examine the impact of genetics and environment on phenotypic traits in large population cohorts in Canada and across Africa.
Evolution and variation of mutations and recombination events among populations, families and gametes.
Molecular and statistical genomic epidemiology projects across Canada.
Malaria Genome sequencing of new and old-world isolates of Plasmodium falciparum and related malaria species.

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