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We are the Medical and Population Genomics Laboratory at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and the University of Toronto. Working with genomic data and through the development of computational tools and models, the laboratory addresses questions relevant to how genetics and the environment influences the frequency and severity of diseases in human populations. Our lab environment is very academic however the energy is social, lively, passionate, innovative, and extremely collaborative. Our team represents a variety of bioinformatic and genetic disciplines, but what makes our lab unique is that we have the freedom to apply our skills to a wide range of projects and interests in the space of genomics and population health. While our teams are based in Toronto and Montreal, we recruit trainees and researchers from around the world and currently have many international collaborators.
15-20 People
10+ Projects
5+ Countries

Data Platorms and Collaborations

Our Lab has access to vast amounts of data and expertise:

The Ontario Health Study (OHS) is a long-term health study following the health of more than 230,000 Ontarians collecting data through questionnaires, blood samples and physical measurements. The goal is to build a platform that researchers can use now and decades into the future to better understand the causes of cancer and chronic disease.

The Canadian Data Integration Centre is a Canada’s Big Data platform offering analytical and bioinformatics support to genomic researchers by providing the software and analytic systems to collect and harmonize data, analyze it and electronically publish the results.

The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health (CanPath) is Canada’s largest group of volunteer research participants (population cohort), built to address key questions about what causes cancer and chronic disease.”

Our lab collaborates with the The OICR Genomics & Bioinformatics team, whose mission is to provide large-scale, next-generation sequencing (NGS) cancer genomics capabilities to researchers in Ontario and beyond.

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