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If you are interested in joining the Awadalla Lab, read on

:: Graduate and Postdoctoral training

Students with a background in genomics, statistical genetics and evolutionary biology having an interest in medical genomics, population genetics, and genomics of infectious disease are especially welcome (see research page). Students with strengths in other areas such as computational and statistical biology will also be considered. If you are interested please e-mail the lab website and send a CV and a statement of why you would like to do research in my lab.

I have trained or continue to train 14 graduate students and PDFs and many of my former students have gone on to become university faculty and postdoctoral fellows. My preference is to take on Ph.D. students but I am also willing to supervise M.Sc. students.

For Ph.D. students and postdocs:

  1. I provide a range of potential topics, usually 2-4 general problems are discussed. I am also happy to entertain projects that the student might suggest, so long as they are sufficiently innovative
  2. I provide the academic and logistical support to conduct the research throughout the duration of the program.
  3. Once research questions are formulated, I encourage the student/fellow to develop new avenues and questions related to the problem
  4. Research scientists in my laboratory normally are expected to publish 4-6 journal articles from their time in the lab. This enables them to be in a better position to obtain post-doctoral or academic positions.

:: Bioinformatics and Undergraduate opportunities

I am willing to hire bioinformaticians and undergraduates to assist with research projects being conducted in the lab.

Finally, I am always interested in conscientious volunteers and if performance is satisfactory this can lead to being hired as a paid assistant during the summer months. If you are interested in any of these possibilities e-mail me and send a resume and short statement as to why you would like to work in the lab.